Welcome to Dhammaland. 
The happiest place on earth.
Disneyland don’t stand a chance.

This is one of the magical light paths at the North Fork Center. 
I will recount my server experience stories/adventures another time. But for anyone wondering it was a very valuable experience and I was probably too happy and and had way too much fun. hehehe :)

Night time meanderings by the pond.

Rocks of Yosemite
Beuy’s shadow.
Slowly getting around to the photos from forever ago…A view from above on the way to Amsterdam.
Peeked into my fridge and found some goodies to get my cook on the other day…Yukon Gold potatoes pan fried in olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper tossed with oyster mushrooms sauteed with s+p, rosemary, garlic, and bacon. I topped it with some julienned purple basil which gives a nice contrasting dark accent against the potatoes plus it adds a fresh brightness in every bite. yummm. I am convinced that some toasted pine nuts and crisper potatoes would make this better…next time.

I’m just swinging swords strictly based on keyboards
Unbalanced like elephants and ants on see-saws.

The Genius.

This business of living can sometimes result in isolated chaos.
Goodnight moon.

You’ll leave me with none of me

                   Not even one of me.

One saturday afternoon

Smoke again and take your chance with this rapper.


I returned myself back to the piano and the notes on the page began gushing from my soul through to my fingertips. The pieces always seem to sound better when I am sad.

She has a long, though vague, agenda. Nevertheless she feels deprived.


The lone star waited as darkness swept sky and sea.